This seminar is an introduction to the 5 Element way of looking at Classical Acupuncture and is designed for people who have already trained in the TCM and Japanese styles of Acupuncture – really, it is a two day journey into how to treat our patients at a more spirit and emotional level.

Five Element Acupuncture aims to look deeper into a person's being, knowing that as important as the patients symptoms are they are simply signposts to an energetic imbalance in the person.  By diagnosing and treating this deeper constitutional imbalance a Five Element practitioner aims to help the person grow and change, knowing that by treating the cause of the person's distress the presenting symptoms will dissipate. 
The Five Elements - The Five Emotions

The course in more detail
How do we diagnose this one element, the root of the energetic imbalance that is causing our clients distress?

We start by listening.  Listening to sounds of the voice and how each element type will have a different sound as the element is in and out of balance.  Why do some people sound like they are shouting and some others sound like they sing?  We will get to listen to recordings of different voices or different elements and have a go at listening to each other in groups as we start to work out our own element. 
At different times through the seminar we do work around odour.  We get to explore what odour is and where it is  to be physically found in the treatment room.  What can this sign tell us about our clients?
The Second day we move more into the art of acupuncture itself.  The morning is spent on blocks to treatment - what gets in the way of some of our treatments being effective. 

Firstly we look at one of the most ancient ideas in T.C.M. - Possession.  What the ancient Chinese were actually talking about and how rooting someone's Shen can be the treatment that turns all the other treatments around.  Then we will look at a concept of Aggressive Energy, this is somewhat similar to the idea of Evil Qi and how we check and drain this when we think it is present. 

Then we move onto a pulse workshop and look at the idea of Entry - Exit blocks.  These are Channel Level blocks which help people drop down and release at a more emotional level.  We look at how we can use these to empower people to grow and change and how we find them on the pulses.
You will receive a 42 page workbook on all of the above.  The TCM and Japanese trained practitioners who have participated in the course in past years found this information completely new and have been able to integrate it into their daily practice; and many have felt inspired to move on to do the advanced days that are available.
5 Element Acupuncture Seminars Australia
First we will examine the ancient Law of Mother/Child and the difference between looking for symptoms and signs of energetic imbalance in our own diagnostic techniques. 

Then we introduce the idea of a constitutional element; one element that each person has that is their strength and challenge in their own health and growth as a person. 

Then we begin the journey to discover this element in each one of us. 
So how do we find this deeper imbalance?  How do we look past the symptoms, the idea of damp, wind or heat to actually find out what is happening for our client?  Firstly, by revisiting some of the ancient diagnostic skills of Chinese Medicine. 

This workshop is full of practical exercises that will reawaken your senses, your heart and your ability to connect with your clients in a new and deeper way.
In the afternoon we go on to look at one of the most beautiful aspects of ancient acupuncture thought.  The Spirits of the Points; why some acupuncture points have the names they do and how with intent we can use the energy contained in these points to support our clients in their own growth.  There are some beautiful points, nearly ignored by modern TCM that can make such a difference to a person and in our treatments. 

Finally we look at how to treat with a person's constitutional element in mind.  Treatment planning and what are the three main parts to a treatment.  We discuss how clearing blocks, selecting Spirit Points, Yuan, Connecting Lou and Xi-Cleft points on a person's Constitutional Element contribute to success in our treatments.
In the afternoon we move into some major work around Emotional Rapport. 

How can we learn to meet our clients more effectively when working with them in the treatment room?  For example, what does a person with a distressed Earth element want from us?  Where do they want to be met emotionally?  What does each emotion tell us about our clients' energetic state? 

We will experience how we can use 5 Element rapport skills as both a diagnostic tool and a way to support our clients at a new and deeper level.
The next piece of the puzzle we get to play with is colour; we find out by looking at what level the colour is showing on a person's face can indicate what element is just a symptom and which is the actual cause of a person's discomfort.  We will get a chance to actually practice seeing the 5 Colours of the 5 Elements.  
We will also see how the 5 Elements create the 5 seasons, discovering how nature and natural laws can teach us so much more about our patients than we can ever learn from books.
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