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A brief description

Classical or Constitutional Five Element Acupuncture is an ancient style of Acupuncture rooted in the Han dynasty classics of Chinese medicine. 

Five Element aims to treat the person as a whole and to look deeper into a person's being, knowing that as important as the patients symptoms are, they are simply signposts to an energetic imbalance in the person.  By diagnosing and treating this deeper constitutional imbalance a Five Element practitioner aims to help the person grow and change and be all they can be, knowing that treating by the cause of the person's distress the presenting symptoms will dissipate. 
With an emphasis on spirit and emotional level causes Five Element is very different in theory and aim to modern Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese styles of acupuncture and encompasses more than the commonly taught five-phase theory.
The Five Element style was first brought to the West by Prof. J.R. Worsley from his teachers Ono and Hsui in the late 1950s, after which he set up the first college dedicated to Traditional Five Element Acupuncture in Leamington Spa U.K.. 
While a modern TCM acupuncturist may, among other things look for external causes of disease such as damp, heat and wind, a Five Element practitioner will view these as symptoms of a person who has moved away from their own centre.  By nurturing this movement back to centre the patient experiences an allover change in their health, emotional states, their understanding of themselves and the world in which they live.
It has been said that this acupuncture style most closely adheres to the values and priorities expressed in the Nei Jing and other classics of Chinese medicine.  Prof. Worsley would strongly urge his students to deepen their understanding of themselves, their own healing and how humanity is an integral part of nature and that the Five Elements are represented within each of us as people.
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Prof. J.R. Worsley speaking on the Causative Factor
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